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Festival of the Little Hills Food Vendors

The Food

During Festival of the Little Hills you won't go hungry. The minute you step onto Historic Main Street, you can smell all of the delicious, weird, and eye-popping meals you can only get at here.

Did you know, that most of our Food Vendors are local not-for-profits earning money to support their mission.  So stop by and support them while enjoying all their tasty treats.

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2022 Food Vendors

Main Street


Kandclas Food - Booth #121

Cone fries, ceviche, kabobs, grilled chicken Ft vucg (cassava)


Pagedale Sports Food - Booth #150-151

Shaved ice w/flavor station, Assorted flavored frozen lemonade, flavored teas


St Charles County Historical Society - Booth #200


Boy Scout Troop 506 - Booth #201-202

Pulled pork nachos & sandwich, reg nachos, brats, hot dogs, soft pretzels w/cheese, cheesecake kabobs

La ColomBianito LLC - Booth #220

Empanadas, pork belly, burger, chicken kabobs


Mitchell Kettle Corn - Booth #221

Kettle Corn


Luckys K-9 Rescue, Inc - Booth #239-240

Taco, nacho, street corn, empanada


Amazing Cakes, LLC - Booth #301-302

Arepas, corn pancakes, empanadas, Venezuelan sandwich


St Charles Presbyterian Church - Booth #303-326

Ice cream sandwiches


BS Troop 813  - Booth #326-327

Chicken wraps, burgers, hot dogs, brats pretzels


First Baptist Church Hospitality - Booth #400

Water station


Sierra Club - Booth #402

Fresh squeezed lemonade & pretzels


We're All Nuts - Booth #422

Roasted Nuts


St Charles Rainbow Girls #13 - Booth #423-424

Fries, Funnel Cake, fried Oreos, walking tacos, chilled pickles


Am. Heritage Girls Troop #5160 - Booth #501-502

Loose meat sandwiches w/chips & pickle, edible cookie dough, Fresh Blended Frozen Fruit Smoothies


Angels' Arms - Booth #520

Snowie Shaved Ice


Kettle Korn & More - Booth #521

Kettle Korn


Boy Scout Troop #911 / 533 - Booth #601-602

Taco Salad, Soft Taco,  Hamburgers, Cheeseburger's, Hotdogs, Brats


Boy Scout Troop #858 - Booth #620-621

Funnel Cakes, Snow Cones, Fried Oreos, Fried Pickles, Dill pickles, Rootbeer floats


Hope High School / Tropical Ice - Booth #701

Hawaiian Shaved Ice & all fruit smoothies


Moolah Chanters El Koran - Booth #720-721

Ted Drews Sealed Frozen Custard Cups

Meats and More LLC - Booth #820

Smoked Turkey legs, Pork steaks, hot dogs


Nurses for Newborns - Booth #901

Grilled Cheese & Melts, bagged chips, homemade chips, fries, beef jerky


Yoders Bonanza Fried Pies - Booth #902

Fried pies 


Central School PTO - Booth #920-921

Fresh cut Curley fries w/o cheese & toppings,  corn dogs, mozzarella cheese sticks, toasted ravs, ckn fingers/fries

Frontier Park

BSA Troop 763 - Booth #1000

Beverages only


Rocky Mtn Nut Roasters - Booth #1040

Roasted Nuts


Conley's Bacon Rinds - Booth #1064

Bacon rinds


The Copper Kettle - Booth #1069 

Kettle Corn


Fit and Food Connection - Booth #2006

Chicken teriyaki kabob, chicken & rice/noodle bowl, carb rangoon, egg roll, funnel cake, fried Oreos, blooming onion


Ram's 5 Star Kettle Korn - Booth #2007-2015

Kettle Corn


Labor Cncl-Latin American (LCLAA) -

Booth #2020-2021

Soft Taco, Burritos, Tamales, Quesadillas


Knights of Columbus #11382 - Booth #2027    

Turkey Legs, pulled pork snd, brats &  Potato Chips


Family Forward - Booth #2028

Frozen Custard, drumsticks, sandwiches, parfaits


Girl Scout Troop #1166 - Booth #2035

Sno Cones, s’mores


Boone Trail Elementary P.T.A. - Booth #2036-2037

Phillies, Bourbon Chicken, Catfish or shrimp basket, foot long sausage, Fries, Jambalaya


Element Church - Hospitality - Booth #2039

Water station & freezer pops


BEER - LCLAA - Booth #2075



The Flavored Pickle Bar - Booth #3502

Pickles & Roasted Corn


Boy Scout Troop #30 - Booth #3503

Burgers, Brats, Hot dogs, walking tacos, chips, breakfast sandwich


St Louis Arc Inc - Booth #3504-3512

Chicken Kabobs rice/noodle plate, Bloomin Onion, Potato Ribbons Fries, Corndog, Funnel Cake, Fried oreo 


River's Bend Concessions - Booth #4008

BBQ pork steaks, fried catfish & shrimp, waffle fries, burgers, ckn tenders, fried pickles, hot dogs


Moolah Shrine Unique Motor Unit -

Booth #4009-4010

Gus's Pretzels, Nacho and Cheese Sauce


BEER - Moolah Shrine Air Patrol - Booth #4500


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