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Festival of the Little Hills Guitar Playing

The Entertainment

Get Ready for the fantastic line-up of some of your favorite local bands on the Main Stage, all while enjoying the delicious food, searching for that unique purchase, having wonderful time with your family and Oh, did I mention a COLD BEVERAGE. Join us as we celebrate the Summer of 2024.

If that sounds like a dream to you … the good news is that we have the line-up for you. 

Festival of the Little Hills Food Vendors

The Food

During Festival of the Little Hills you won't go hungry, The minute you step onto Historic Main Street, you can smell all of the delicious, weird, and eye-popping meals you can only get at here.

Did you know, that most of our Food vendors are local non-profit earning money to support their mission.  So stop by and support them while enjoing all their tasty treats.

Festival of the Little Hills Craft and Artisan Vendors

The Crafters & Artisans

And this is what you all come for - those wonderful Crafters & Artisan! Historic Main Street and Frontier Park is filled with the talents of these incredible individuals.  You will ohh and awe over booth after booth of colorful one of a kind finds for you or someone you love.  

With over 300 booths, plan to spend the entire day, or better yet check into one of St. Charles, Missouri's local hotels, guests houses or B & B's and spend the weekend.  

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